Inside my member section, you'll find hundreds of videos of me and my friends.
AmyLee & Dick Dildo Length 11:29 Starring: Sweet Amylee Pictures: 45
This week I went to the lake with a new guy Dick Dildo. He was there to show me a good time and that's what he did trust me. It took me a week to get back in shape, I was all sore... anyway I'm ready to do it again anytime Dick. :)
Krystelle, AmyLee Length 23:49 Starring: Sweet Amylee, Busty Christy Pictures: 65
Wow, you've got to see this girl, her name is Krystelle and she got my pussy into a constant flood for a good 30 minutes. She has the greatest set of tits and she screams like a real slut.. too bad for all you non-members... you'll miss something nice... :)
Gerry Length 19:20 Starring: Sweet Amylee Pictures: 63
During my vacation I've met Gerry at Mont-Tremblant. I wanted to show him mountain pleasure, hardcore style. He fucked my ass on the summit and it was awesome. By the way Gerry I'm going to the beach next week.. wanna see beach pleasure hardcore style? ;)
Mandy Allisson Length 16:53 Starring: Mandy Allison, Sweet Amylee Pictures: 25
Here's me and my friend Mandy Allisson, on a set. We took advantage of the fact that everybody exept us left and took out the gear to fuck around. I used a black strap-on to fuck Mandy. :)
AmyLee Length 13:20 Starring: Sweet Amylee Pictures: 22
Here's a video of me masturbating in my car. I love to masturbate with my big dildo in a car, it's always a little stressfull, but that's what makes it so intense and fun. :)
Ricco Length 20:10 Starring: Sweet Amylee Pictures: 62
I went to take a breath of fresh air with my friend Ricco. He fucked me hard in nature and it was incredible. I love to get fucked outside, especially if he puts it in my ass... I can scream like a crazy girl and nobody's there to hear me... it's great!
AmyLee Length 12:45 Starring: Sweet Amylee Pictures: 30
After a very bad day, nothing beats masturbating to forget everything. After having tried my new dildo, I didn't even remembered why I was mad.
Shelby Bell, Amylee Length 23:47 Starring: Sweet Amylee, Shelby Bell Pictures: 23
I haven't found nobody to have fun with me in front of the camera, so I decided to have a little solo fun like a big girl. Lucky enough my friend Shelby passed by my place and things got a little more interesting if you know what I mean... :)
Tommy Length 22:28 Starring: Sweet Amylee Pictures: 39
Let me introduce to you my friend Tommy. I needed to get fucked very very hard, so I called him and guess what? he rang at my door an hour later. That's what I call express delivery!
I Thought A Lot About You Guys During My Last Trip To Las Vegas! Length 14:49 Starring: Sweet Amylee Pictures: 42
I tought a lot about you during my last trip to Las Vegas. I was all alone in that big city and all I wanted was to get fucked. Since I didn't had any handsome male with me, I used my dildo. Finally it was really exciting and I masurbated while thinking about you dear members.

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